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Achieving a Dreamy, Hygge-Inspired Home

Coziness meets minimalism that is dignified, joyful, and beautiful.

The clock has rolled back. In Vancouver, the first snow has already arrived, with it, the season of hygge. Pronounced hoo-guh, the Danish concept of coziness revolves around comfort and connection to loved ones and the natural world. It's pillows, blankets, fireplaces, and cradling creamy lattes topped with foam milk art. Winter is THE season of hygge. However, more than style, hygge is about feeling, lifestyle and values, but that hasn't stopped it from dominating home design since 2016.

Hygge came into its own when COVID necessitated creating spaces for joy within the home. Since then, it has stuck around in the form of minimalism that isn't cold and decoration that isn't bogged in detail. Best summarized as cozy minimalism, hygge combines unpretentious earthy palettes with carefully chosen natural materials for atmospheres where people feel compelled to gather and enjoy the good things in life. As makers of sustainable linen bedding sets and hand-crafted home textiles, hygge has been a running theme in our collection since day one. It may be experienced in the cozy depths of a Luxury Down Duvet with a good book and a steaming mug of cocoa or leveraged through design to spread a feel-good comfort throughout the home.

In the Bathroom

Hygge in the bathroom doesn't mean expensive tilework or a freestanding tub. A simple addition like a rainfall showerhead can be a luxurious, cost-effective accessory that's easy to install. Add the obligatory fluffy bathrobe and maybe a wooden chair or vanity if there's room. Evoke the freshness of the natural world with a few well-placed plants. Add a candle and fragrant, luxurious hand soap. Finish with a set of ultra-silky Eco Cotton Bamboo Hand Towels or our new collection of Linen Bath Towels in a warm white or earthy flax linen shade for a friendly, welcoming bathroom everyone will love.

In the Bedroom

As THE room for sleep and relaxation, the perfect bedroom is homey and uncluttered. There is an agreeable sense of order created by carefully curated design objects that imbue spaces with beauty and purpose. Think elegant bowls, decorative boxes for accessories and keepsakes, and luxurious linens piled high and layered freely for dreamy spaces that facilitate sleep and snuggles. For the hygge bedroom, eco-friendly bedding leads to luxurious linen sheets in a spectrum of nature-inspired hues that are easy to mix and match. Start with a fitted linen sheet and a pair of matching pillowcases. Follow up with a contrasting duvet and decorative out-sized pillows with shams that complement the duvet. Toss in a textured bedspread to fold at the foot of the bed and top with the stunning Long Bolster Pillow in Petal or Bamboo for bedding that's blissful and well-coordinated without feeling overly contrived.

In the Dining Room

Hygge in the dining room is best realized in the form of a well-set table. Lovely placemats and napkins are a must, providing a beautiful accompaniment to elegant crockery. Our sustainable Table Top Collection is soft and absorbent, made from a linen fabric that would have otherwise gone to waste. Refined yet bohemian in sophisticated shades like peach, cloud grey, and oatmeal, linens add the finishing touch to a family sit-down, whether that means candles and silver or playlists and pizza boxes.

In Living Room

For family rooms, Sömn's Living Collection is packed with just-the-right-size accessories to imbue spaces with warmth and comfort. Bold geometric patterns and textures in nature-inspired hues add a touch of colour and interest to minimal furniture—think fringed blankets and soft pillows that can be piled high, like the Linen Waffle Toss Cushions, available in light brown and navy. Made from resource-friendly materials, these pragmatic, cozy accessories banish the blues with the promise of warm naps and cuddles in front of the fire—or the TV.  

Hygge, in its purest form, isn't about design—it's about feeling. However, sustainability is a natural fit with the warmth, goodwill, and hospitality that hygge embodies. When it comes to design principles, there is extra emphasis on quality and stewardship of the environment. Many designers and buyers following hygge conscientiously integrate sustainable materials and practices for feel-good pieces as beautiful as they look.

We invite you to experience hygge in the form of luxuriously made, sustainable home textiles. Crafted from flax linen and other naturally-derived fabrics, pure in nature, colour, and form, Sömn's linen bedding sets and home collection perfectly capture the spirit of modern minimalism. Effortlessly elevate spaces through beautiful objects that are purposeful and lovingly designed right here in Vancouver, BC.

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