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7 Tips to Create a Bathroom Space that Inspires Slow Living

Slow living. It’s an art—one that’s often overlooked in our busy, fast-paced world. As a brand devoted to sustainable homewares and luxury towels, our love for linens and natural fabrics grew into a business focussed around sustainability and mindfulness. You could call us slow-living savants. As such we wanted to take a little time to talk about this trend.

Slow living is all about pacing. Taking the time to absorb an experience, rather than rushing through life on a superficial level. Slow living allows us to recharge. Even if it’s just for a moment, the ability to linger, breathe deeply, and take stock of what’s happening is mentally freeing. It’s a reprieve for the body and spirit—and one we all need to function to the best of our capacity. So how does this work? One of the best ways to get started is to create beautiful, tranquil spaces that inspire you to slow down and enjoy. It could be a yoga studio or home office. But if you ask us about our favourite slow living space—it’s 100% the bathroom.

A place to unwind, indulge, and daydream, the bathroom has a long-held reputation as a fortress of solitude (for obvious reasons). But a bathroom can be so much more than a mundane hygiene space. A beautiful bathroom is a restorative escape. That’s why we’ve come up with seven tips to create a bathroom that inspires slow living.

1) Candles

A gently flickering candle is instant mood. Dot them around your space and dim the lights to create an ambiance of relaxation. Consider natural, non-toxic candles for a super cozy feel. One we love comes from local candlemaker Brand & Iron. These soy wax harvested candles are made with braided cotton. They’re also cruelty-free, vegan, and made without the use of parabens, phthalates, petroleum, or carcinogenic ingredients. Try scent-sational blends like Yuzu + Birch, Sandalwood + Lavender, and Tobacco and + Vanilla—just to name a few!

2) Make it Rain

If a teabag-style bath soak isn’t your style, the bliss of softly falling water is a quick indulgence that can be enjoyed at a very reasonable price tag. Do a little research on what works for your space. With a little investment and installation, you’ll be set to send your problems swirling down the drain.

3) Grow Zen

Greenery is fantastic for instantly freshening any space. If your bathroom has no natural light, silk plants are a good option. However, if a window means you can Let it Grow, real plants not only make your space brighter and more beautiful, they purify the air, too!

4) It’s Curtains for You

If your shower curtain is more “ew” than “ooh,” it’s time for a change. Stash the plastic and invest in beautiful drape-like curtains spun from natural fabrics like cotton or linen. These fabrics billow and drape. Paired with a fluffy new bathmat, this is an instant solution to elevate your atmosphere.

5) Scrubs and Bubbles

You need the right tools for the right job. If relaxation is your objective, it’s hard to go wrong with top-notch bubbles and bath salts. Whether you prefer luxuriating in a creamy mountain of foam or a quick scrub with fragrant mineral salt, we recommend products made of organic ingredients and natural botanicals. One we absolutely love is the Foaming Baths collection by Saltspring Soapworks. Hydrate, moisturize, or try it as a creamy shower gel. 

6) Keep it Clean

A beautiful bathroom is sparkling clean and minimal. If your space is filled with mostly empty bottles and rangy old bath poufs, it’s time to stash and trash. Look for eco-friendly products like natural loofahs, wooden soap dishes, and refillable apothecary-style glass bottles and pumps. Not only are these products absolutely gorgeous—they’re good for the environment, too!

7) Throw in the Towel(s)

As a team specializing in organic eco-friendly bath towels, it’s no surprise we consider a good toweling the very best of bath time. Beautiful towels not only look amazing—they are a fantastic sensory experience to cap off your restorative escape. Crafted from environmentally friendly, all-natural fibers, our sustainable towels effortlessly elevate any bathroom space (and they’re good for the planet, too!) Choose from the silky-smooth Eco Cotton Bamboo Towels or the ultra-Plush Eco Cotton Towel.

Just Start Somewhere

Slow living isn’t like flicking a switch. It doesn’t happen instantly. Start small. Give yourself time to be present during brief intervals. Even if it’s just for a few minutes each day, the ability to slow down, reflect, and be intentional gives you the chance to connect the dots. The long-term goal is becoming more cognizant of the tasks that deserve your attention, freeing up time so you can be more—present, happy, inspired, and content.

As a luxe brand offering sustainable linen bedding and towels in Canada, we’re out to improve lives (and the planet) through wellness-obsessed home textiles. Take a few minutes to browse our game-changing eco-friendly bath collection. We hope you’ll find something you love—something that allows you to step towards a more happy and leisurely lifestyle.

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