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eco cotton bamboo bath towels Somn Home Canada
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Sömn Eco Cotton Bamboo Towels - Bundle Set | 3 Pcs | Same Size

$95.00 CAD
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63% ORGANIC COTTON + 37% ORGANIC BAMBOO RAYON - Duo weave designed to combine silkiness with toughness.

LIGHT WEIGHT - Ultra-quick at absorbing water without getting too heavy.

FAST DRYING - Great for small spaces.

SILKY SMOOTH - Supreme softness for the most delicate skin.

MADE TO LAST - strong wearing yarns keeps going for years.

OEKO-TEX - Non-toxic certification makes it safe for babies and all skin types.

• ECO-FRIENDLY - Wind-powered woven towels made from 100% organic yarns grown from non-GMO seeds.

• MADE IN JAPAN - By certified Japanese Imabari towel producer.

Care Guide

We recommend machine washing under 40ºC / 104ºF on a gentle cycle with similar colours using a mild detergent and hang dry to preserve the fibres.

If using a dryer, tumble dry on low heat and remove while still slightly damp to air dry.

The set consists of 3 towels of the same size in each bundle.

Choose either Bath towels, Hand towels, or Wash towels. 1 Qty order equals 3 pcs of the same size of towel.

Go ahead, bury your face in our eco cotton bamboo towels, and experience the silky smoothness.

Enjoy this sensational Japanese ultra-smooth Eco Cotton Bamboo Towel, made with ample thirsty eco-friendly yarns that wipe water without getting heavy. 

This 3 pcs eco cotton bamboo towel set is lightweight and fast-drying. Wrap yourself in these cotton bamboo towels once and you will be hooked! 

If you prefer a thicker and plusher towel, take a look at the Plush Eco Cotton Towels.

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